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Grants for scientists

How to get a grant
1. Why does a scientist need grants and are they necessary for his development?
Oksana has visited more than 30 countries for teaching and research purposes. International travel, the scientist says, is an opportunity to acquire a variety of skills, such as leadership, oratory, social activities. And it is also interaction with representatives of other countries and scientific schools. See the world differently, better learn foreign languages
Oksana Nezhyvenko - PhD in Economics, lecturer at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, member of the ERUDITE (France) and NaUKMA research groups, talks about her experience in grant self-development in three videos
* A series of videos "Grants for Scientists" were prepared by our Foundation as part of the educational program of activities. We created this project to spread the experience of obtaining grant projects, training and to promote the development of Ukrainian science
2. TOP-5 principles of working with applications for scientists
Five components: a motivation letter - you must be persuasive; interview - your openness and content are important; resume should be as concise as possible; A letter of recommendation from someone who knows you well. Attention to detail that can make all the difference (many examples in the video). And also - treat this process as your own investment, - recommends Oksana Nezhyvenko
PhD in Economics, lecturer at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, member of the study of the research groups ERUDITE (France) and NaUKMA, Oksana Nezhyvenko , on how to pass all the tests and win the selection for a grant. A scientist shares her own story of successes and failures from visiting 30+ countries that she managed to visit for teaching or research purposes
* Introducing the second video from the "Grants for Scientists" series, prepared as part of the educational program of our Foundation
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