"The field of biotechnology in Ukraine. Analysis of international experience, statistical data and a survey of industry experts on the problems and prospects for the development of the field"
Research by the Center for Economic Strategy commissioned by our Foundation
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Briefly about the direction
The Peace and Development Foundation was established with the aim of developing innovations and attracting international experience in Ukraine, so one of the first areas that focuses on is biotechnology.

This is an urgent problem for our country, since we have an underdeveloped biotechnology industry: the lack of production of vaccines, modern diagnostic tools and drugs for many common diseases (including cancer), state laboratories do not sequence the genome, do not diagnose mutations in genes (with the exception of the laboratory NCSH "OKHMATDYT").

Obviously, in order to change the situation, an appropriate state policy is needed that will promote the development of biomedical research, technology transfer with the subsequent production of vaccines and biosimilars, and the use of "advanced therapy products".

To this end, the Peace and Development Foundation (PDF) initiated a study with the Center for Economic Strategies on the prospects for biotechnology in Ukraine. Its results will be used by the Ministry of Health to write the Strategy for the Development of Biotechnology in Ukraine, and they will also be in the public domain.

PDF also uses research work to create its own project with the aim of bringing together universities and research institutions specializing in medical and biological technologies. In other words, to develop young personnel and give impetus to strengthen the development of biotechnology in Ukraine.

For this purpose, in particular, the following will be analyzed: - existing capacities in Ukraine for the development of the biotechnology industry: what has already been done/developed; what directions were attempted to be developed; finding out why other directions are not developed;

- foreign companies operating in Ukraine work and involve our scientists in cooperation;
- National Research Foundation – issues of distribution and use of resources and others.

The Peace and Development Foundation assumes that the biotechnology sector could repeat the path of domestic IT - in 5-7 years, enter the TOP-20 countries in the world that have their own infrastructure and produce their own biotechnological products.

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