"You are the light of the world. You are the salt of the earth."
Jesus Christ

"And learn from others, and do not shun your own."
Taras Shevchenko
Our goal
Our goal is to attract the best world experience, experts and resources to Ukraine, including through the financing of international educational programs for young people. To promote the professional and spiritual growth of young professionals, their work and service to their people, including in establishing peace, justice and development.
Our mission
The Foundation supports the training of active young (under 35) Christians of various denominations, who have a certain profession, in order to bring the world's best knowledge and practices into various spheres of life in Ukrainian society. The Fund selects educational international programs, selects promising participants and attracts donors who help to fully or partially cover the costs associated with participation in these programs.
Our Vision
We believe that in Ukraine in the years ahead a wide network of influential believing experts in the most important professional areas for society will be formed, who, with their authority and work, will improve the quality of services in the profession and promote the spread of spirituality in society.
Our professional areas
* Law
* Medicine
* Media
* Education
* Business
* Arts
And other professions
Our team
  • 1
    Strategic Council
    representatives of 3 Christian denominations - Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants
  • 2
    Executive Committee
    elected representatives of the Fundteam
  • 3
    Supervisory Board
    recognized Ukrainian experts who are moral authorities and a model
  • 4
    Spiritual Rada
    delegated representatives from 5 main Churches - OCU, UOC, UGCC, RKCU, EPCU (AUCECB)
  • 5
    International Council
    recognized foreign experts who are moral authorities and models
Principles of our work
* The Foundation's activities are based on common Christian values.
* The Foundation's team consists of professionals from different industries who share the Fund's values.
* The Foundation's activities are carried out in Ukraine and abroad.
* The Foundation's team works both on a voluntary basis (free of charge) and in paid positions, depending on the format of participation.
* The Foundation is private and apolitical. The Fundteam does not include government officials (deputies/official candidates from political parties, political officials).
* The Foundation team is financed from trusted/transparent sources and by the Partners of the Fund.
* Verification of the sources of origin of donations to the programs of the Foundation by free donors is not carried out.
* The Foundation's partners are respectable organizations.
* Reporting on receipts and funds used, documentation of the Foundation - transparent and public.
* Financial transactions through the Foundation's website are carried out in a simple way.
* We provide flexible terms of cooperation for both applicants and donors.
* Complete anonymity and confidentiality for donors who do not want to disclose their names.
* We provide support and prompt resolution of relevant issues for applicants, partners, donors of the Foundation.

* Foundation — "BT "Foundation for Peace and Development" Alliance — "Alliance of Christian Professionals" Associations — a number of associations of various professional areas that are members of the Alliance of Christian Professional
Initiative — Initiative group "First of December"
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Foundation team
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