The Importance of Christian Professionals
Ukraine needs professional Christians

A professional person is always valued in society, especially if he is a Christian who proves his professionalism, morality, spirituality, and ethics in practice.

We at the Fund also understand this, and we aim to support young Christian specialists in this development!
The Church, like society, appreciates specialists
In order to have specialists in every important place in the church and state, it is not enough just to call God for them. Everyone needs the right education. But there are not always opportunities, time, funds, etc. for this.

If professionals in their field are behind the pulpit, church video stream, church accounting, it is felt, even if these people are quite young.

Likewise, if the state, the media, the economic hierarchy of officials, etc. are driving. there are professionals - this is also reflected in our lives.

After all, all these people and the processes for which they are responsible are interconnected, and this forms the face of the church, the face of the state on the world stage and, accordingly, the results that this church and state bring to their society, and, as a result, to God.
Examples of Christian professional communities
In data and beyond
We at the Foundation understand this too
Therefore, our mission is to support young Christian professionals from churches and denominations that are part of the AUCCRO in their pursuit of professional and spiritual growth in serving the church and society by involving them in the best international educational programs.

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