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Our Foundation aspires at peace-building in the country, the development of education and innovation in key sectors for society (education, medicine, law, media, art, and others), supporting domestic professionals through attracting the best international experience, experts and resources in Ukraine.

The Foundation was founded by clerics of three main Christian churches (Orthodox, Catholics, Protestants), inspired by the example of serving God and people through their profession and faith of such historical figures as Petro Mohyla, Andrii Sheptytskyii, Ivan Barchuk and our contemporaries - Bohdan Gavrylyshyn, Liubomyr Huzar, Viacheslav Briukhovetskyi and others.

Our innovative programs
Given the urgent need of our society to learn how to effectively respond to the challenges of the time in the field of healthcare, the main attention and resources of the Foundation will be directed to the development of the field of biotechnology. The Foundation will implement projects designed to give impetus to the active development of modern biotechnologies in Ukraine, which as a result will strengthen the national healthcare system and improve the availability of quality treatment and prevention of many diseases.
Our educational programs
Free or grant-funded training, internships, exchange of experience, etc.
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