A memorandum was signed in Ukraine to stimulate the development of a biotechnology cluster

The Ministry of Health and the Charity  "Peace and Development Foundation" signed a Memorandum of Cooperation, its purpose is to introduce measures to promote the development of biotechnological infrastructure.

This was reported to Ukrinform in the press service of the Peace and Development Foundation .
"As part of cooperation, commissioned by the Fund, it is planned to conduct an initial study of the biotechnology market in Ukraine in order to identify weaknesses and potential opportunities in the sphere. This study will be used to prepare the National Strategy for the Development of Biotechnology in Ukraine," the report says.

The parties also agreed on an expert assessment of the current legislation, assistance in carrying out activities and research necessary for the growth of the biotechnology cluster in Ukraine.

"For the state, the development of biotechnologies is one of the priorities. The development of the R&D industry within Ukraine will allow us to quickly respond to any challenges. The correct construction of the policy will allow us to determine the further vector of development and see growth points. Now the ministry, together with stakeholders, analyzes the state of biotechnologies and prepares a coordinated strategy for the development of R&D in Ukraine. We have attracted public research institutions, the private sector, Ukrainian scientists working in powerful institutions in Germany, Austria, the United States. We have set realistic goals, taking into account all the opportunities and benefits," said Minister of Health Viktor Liashko.

As noted, biological threats are one of the challenges in the civil health system in the world. Virologists say pandemics like COVID-19 will become more frequent and the world needs to prepare for it. And the very creation of the biotechnology industry can help this.

"The countries of the world are already actively involved in the development of biotechnology. Among the leading countries are the UK, Germany, Poland, other EU countries, India," the press release says. In Germany, for example, businesses can receive a 25% refund from the government on research and development costs. They also participate in a large list of government innovation support programs.

It is also reported that Ukraine has ambitious plans to become a leader in this sector. On August 18, 2021, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a draft resolution "On Approval of the Procedure for Using the Funds Provided in the State Budget for the Creation of the Bio-Cluster "Biological Safety and Development of Biotechnological Technologies".

It is planned that the cluster will start working on the basis of the Public Health Center, which has the necessary human and resource potential, and UAH 100 million has been allocated for its launch this year.

Further development will require the creation of a specialized state enterprise that will manage the biocluster, use the developments and manage the technology park. It is also necessary to deepen cooperation between universities and business, more involvement of the academic community in practical activities, support for new biotech entrepreneurs through government consulting and educational programs, which will create ecosystems that have been operating in Europe for decades.

"And this is exactly what the Memorandum of Cooperation between the Ministry of Health and the BT Peace and Development Foundation  is aimed at, and its implementation will help increase the competitiveness of the industry and stimulate its active development," the press release concludes.

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