Appeal of His Beatitude Sviatoslav to the sons and daughters of the Ukrainian people in Ukraine and in the settlements of the living and all people of good will

Dear brothers and sisters, the recognition by the President of the Russian Federation of the “independence and sovereignty” of the self-proclaimed LPR and DPR poses serious challenges and threats to the international community and international law, on the basis of which peoples and their states exist and interact today. Irreparable damage has been done to the very logic of interstate relations, which are designed to ensure peace and a just structure of societies, the rule of law, accountability of power, protection of a person, his life and natural rights. Today, all mankind is in danger that the right of the strong will impose itself on everyone, neglecting the power of law.

By their decision, the authorities of the Russian Federation unilaterally withdrew from the long-term peace process, the task of which was to ensure the restoration of human-worthy living conditions in the Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine that suffered as a result of Russian armed aggression. The war unleashed against our people in 2014 left deep wounds on the fate of many of our compatriots: thousands of dead, wounded, and lonely. Yesterday's step by the President of the Russian Federation destroyed the basic principles of the long process of restoring peace in Ukraine, created opportunities for a new wave of armed aggression against our state, and opened the door for a full-scale military operation against the Ukrainian people.

Today, we consider the protection of our native land, our memory and hope, our God-given right to exist to be the personal responsibility and sacred duty of the citizens of Ukraine. Defense of the Motherland is our natural right and our civic duty. We are strong when we are together. Now is the time to unite our efforts in order to defend the independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Ukrainian State. It is the duty and responsibility of all mankind today to take active care to prevent war and defend a just peace.

We are convinced that the world cannot develop and find answers to the challenges of our time, resorting to force and violence, neglecting universal human values and the gospel truth. We call on all people of good will not to stand aside from the suffering of the Ukrainian people caused by Russian military aggression. We are a people who love the world. And that is why we are ready to defend it and fight faithfully for it.

Today we turn in prayer to the Creator of the universe with a special request for wisdom for those who are authorized to make socially important decisions, in whose hands the fate of mankind turned out to be. We ask the Heavenly Father for help in restoring a just peace on Ukrainian soil.
We make a special prayer for the defenders of Ukraine, who these days are for us an example of sacrificial love and devoted service to their people. May the merciful Lord protect them from all dangers and grant their efforts the final Viktory of truth and goodness.

We call on the sincere blessing of a loving God and Creator to Ukraine and its people!
The blessing of the Lord is upon you!
† Sviatoslav