A list of resources to find a job, study and traineeships for Ukrainian refugees in Europe, America and Asia

It is challenging for Ukrainian refugees forced to seek asylum and safety in different countries of the world, to get job or receive a good education. Yet, many companies and platforms as set up by passionate people around the world afford resources and opportunities to find a worthy job.

Such countries as Germany, Poland, Sweden and others have put in place interim protection programs that help Ukrainian refugees obtain legal status and meet their basic needs. However, at a later stage, most programs propose looking for work to provide for themselves and their families.

Therefore, the Peace and Development Foundation offers a selection of Internet resources for Ukrainians who seek for employment in Europe, America and Asia. Here they may learn about a variety of services and apply as an employer or potential applicant.

For researchers, postgrads or students, there is an opportunity to pursue their scientific activities backed by world scientific organizations, associations and unions. Students can go in further academic study at one of the available universities in Europe. The selection also presents a wide range of possible scholarships and internships from European and American institutions for persons with medical degree.