The delegation of the National Cancer Institute participated in a congress in Orlando

The Peace and Development Foundation upholds the growth of the national science and helps rebuild Ukrainian medicine. Supported by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the US Embassy in Ukraine, the company "Audubon Bioscience" and our Foundation, a delegation of NCI researchers led by Olena Yefimenko participated in the congress of oncologists in the city of Orlando (Florida, USA), which ran from April 14 to 19. The participation of Ukrainian specialists in world associations helps raise the level of expertise of doctors and affords ground for exchanging experience with world leaders in various fields.

AACR carries out basic research in oncology, disseminates its results to scientists and physicians, assists in research education, and shapes the vision of cancer around the world. The Ukrainian delegation joined the world community of scientists, met the leading experts and learned about the aid for domestic scientists in publishing works in AACR printing houses.

During the six-day trip our team met with managers of core institutions, universities and organizations, as well as investors engaged in scientific, educational, medical and research activities. The focus was on the discussion of possible grant projects and training / internship programs for Ukrainian partners based on noted research centers.

We pay special tribute to our friend Bruce Haughey, a surgeon-oncologist and a member of the board of the Peace and Development Foundation, for his personal contribution in receiving our delegation and inviting a group of doctors from Ukraine to train in his department.

Also worth mentioning is Michell Athanase, Director of Collaboration Development and New Markets at Advent Health, for organizing FAM trips and meetings with doctors, as well as a visit to the Research Institute (town of Celebration), where about 500 extensive research projects are carried out annually.

Such trips allow us to embark upon educational and scientific cooperation with the world's leading institutions, organizations and clinics, which contributes to enhance the provision of oncological care to our patients and inspires new research on cancer in Ukraine, its diagnosis and treatment, improving the quality of life of patients with a cancer clinical record.

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