Dear friends and partners!

We turn to you in this difficult time not only for Ukraine, but for all mankind. The famous Israeli philosopher Yuval Noah Harari said that now the future of the world is determined in Ukraine!

Our Peace and Development Foundation, established by representatives of the three major Christian churches (Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant), has so far aimed to promote peace in the country, support development of education and innovation in key areas (education, medicine, law, art, etc.) on Biblical principles. In fact, after the Ukraine’s victory, we will return to these.

While defending our country, we and our partners are seeking financial support to finance the following important initiatives and organizations implementing them today. There are currently ten  (10) of these:

1. "Christian Rescue Service" - provides comprehensive assistance to the civilian population in the war zone;
2. Christian help center "Social Pantry" - helps people (refuges) with housing and medicine;
3. Charitable Foundation "Caritas - Ukraine" - actively involved in comprehensive assistance to refugees;
4. "Eleos-Ukraine" - supports the victims of hostilities in wholistic way;
5. "Hebron Academy" - helps orphans by Christian IT-professionals;
6. NGO "All-Ukrainian Association of Donors of Ukraine" - forms blood banks to save the lives of victims;
7. "Zaporizhzhia City Assistance Center" and "Union of Young Christians of Ukraine" - help evacuated children from the war zone in eastern Ukraine;
8. "Foundation for Peace and Development" - is engaged in the delivery to Ukraine of humanitarian medical supplies, hemostatic agents, surgical instruments and first aid kits for civilians;
9. "Plast" - needs funds for victims of hostilities;
10. Medical Battalion "Hospitallers" - military medics work directly on the front line.

Ukrainians are now fighting for their freedom and future. We defend Europe and the world. We will surely win this battle because the Lord and you are with us.

We believe there will be a time in the future when you could come again on the mission trip to Ukraine and work further together with us and those would benefit of your help now.

While we are working on the Texas website please donate here:

Chase Bank Checking Account 
Account Name: Peace and Development Foundation 
Bank Name: JP Morgan Chase 
Account Number: 821668990 
Routing Number for Wire Transfers: 021000021
Routing Number for Direct Deposits and ACH Transactions: 111000614

Account Name: Peace and Development Foundation
Contact Email: amairani.granados.pdf@gmail.com

Thank you in advance for your support! We are stronger together with God and you!