Peace and Development Foundation initiated a round table at the Ministry of Health

A closed round table was held at the premises of the Ministry of Health on the topic “The state and prospects for the development of biotechnology in Ukraine”. Its initiator is a charitable organization of the Peace and Development Foundation in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the Research Center for Economic Strategies. In fact, the Peace and Development Foundation , whose program of activities includes, in particular, the topic of biotechnology, together with the above-mentioned partners, began research on this issue.

#MZ , specialized scientists were invited to the conversation off the record . Among the questions:
●     The state of the biotechnology market in Ukraine: key players, key products, Ukrainian biotech in international value chains;
●     The main obstacles in the development of the sphere: on the side of demand, on the side of supply, on the side of talents;
●     Search for regulatory barriers to the development of the sphere;
●     Prospects for the development of biotechnology in Ukraine: promising areas, niches, recommendations for the government.

The results of the study will be used by the Ministry to write the Strategy for the Development of Biotechnology in Ukraine, and will also be made public.

Ministry of Health of Ukraine Center for Economic Strategy